Cardano’s Scaling Solution Goes Live as Ethereum Fees Soar


• Cardano’s scaling solution goes live on mainnet as Ethereum gas fees surge;
• Twitter appoints Linda Yaccarino as new CEO;
• PEPE market cap slides below $500M as community interest shifts.

Cardano’s Hydra Scaling Solution Goes Live

Cardano has launched its Hydra scaling solution on mainnet, which enables the network to process up to 1,000 transactions per second (TPS). The launch comes at a time when Ethereum gas fees are surging, making Cardano’s platform an attractive alternative for users looking for a more cost-effective and scalable blockchain.

Twitter Appoints New CEO

Twitter has appointed former NBC advertising executive Linda Yaccarino as its new CEO. Yaccarino brings decades of experience in media and marketing to the role and is the first woman to lead Twitter in its 15 year history.

PEPE Market Cap Slides Below $500M

The meme token PEPE has seen its market cap slide below $500 million as traders have shifted their attention away from it towards other tokens like Lady and Sponge. Do Kwon was granted bail at €400,000 against prosecutors wishes, while the U.S Chamber of Commerce sided with the crypto industry and blasted the SEC for their stance on digital assets.

Do Kwon Granted Bail at €400K

Do Kwon was recently granted bail at €400,000 by a court in South Korea against prosecutors‘ wishes. This came after allegations surfaced that Kwon had used his position at Coinbit exchange to manipulate cryptocurrency prices over multiple years.

U.S Chamber of Commerce Supports Crypto Industry

The U.S Chamber of Commerce recently released a statement criticizing the SEC’s approach towards digital assets and urging them to provide clearer guidance on regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The chamber also expressed support for blockchain technology and urged policymakers to develop a regulatory framework that would allow innovation in this space to thrive without fear of repercussions from regulators.