OWDNA Awards

Awards and recognition received by OWDNA:


INC Neighborhood Heroes Award
Betty Greene and Kelly Jarrett

Paul Green Multimedia Award
From the North Carolina Society of Historians
...for this website!


American Association for State & Local History

2003 Gold Leaf Awards

NC Good Neighborhood Award

OWD officer Pam Spaulding named Employee of the Year for Community Service
Duke University


OWDNA president John Schelp named Tar Heel of the Week by the News and Observer


MuniNet Guide & Review: Top Web Site - Citizen Participation


Carraway Preservation Award


Pyne Preservation Award

Durham Grit Award
from the Herald-Sun

WRAL Feature on Web Site: Communities Using the Web To Stay Connected
(local TV)

Designated a
Local Legacy,
Library of Congress



Semi-Finalist, Global Information Infrastructure Award



Citizen's Award
from the Indy Weekly


October 17, 1998 declared
"Old West Durham Day"


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INC Neighborhood Hero Award


The American Association for State & Local History Recognizes Web Site

The American Association for State & Local History proudly announces that the Old West Durham Neighborhood Association has been recognized for its website. The Award is the most prestigious recognition for achievement in the preservation and interpretation of local, state, and regional history. Award winners will be honored at a special banquet, hosted by the History Channel (September 19 in Providence, RI).

2003 Golden Leaf Awards

Old West Durham was represented and recognized in just about every category at the City's Golden Leaf Awards, held at the Washington Duke Hotel...

1) Residential Properties 901 Carolina Ave (for its "Drought Garden" and for hosting droughts workshops last summer). Proud moment for neighbors, Vicky and Eric. Nominated by OWDNA.

2) Ninth Street North/Phase 1 (for its architectural style that blends into the surrounding neighborhood). A stunning winner of the Golden Leaf in a competitive field of 23 entries. Nominated by OWDNA.

3) Landscaping Erwin Square (for its landscaping). OK, we didn't nominate them but they are in OWD.

More than 50 properties were nominated. Finalists not selected included: West Village, Mangum Court, Imperial Center, Peabody Place, Washington Duke Inn, Brodie Duke Warehouse, Foster's, Rockwood Building, Hope Valley Shopping Center, Triangle Biotechnology Center, Treyburn, Woodcroft, and the Duke Campus.

2003 NC Good Neighborhood Award

The Old West Durham Neighborhood Association was recognized at a statewide conference in Raleigh with the 2003 "NC Good Neighborhood Award." Coordinated by state municipalities, the objective of the NC Neighbors Conference is to empower citizens at the grassroots level to improve the quality of life within their neighborhoods. OWDNA was honored for its efforts to build community.

OWD's Fisher Signs & Murals Wins Preservation Award

Nominated by OWDNA, Fisher Signs & Murals won a 2002 "Neighborhood Preservation Award" for its restoration of the old Garrard's Grocery at 2602 Hillsborough Road. This storefront building has served the needs of Old West Durham since the heyday of Erwin Mills. Its new occupant continues the tradition, preserving hard wood floors and bead board ceilings while accommodating a busy sign shop.

This new award honors those whose work helps preserve Durham's distinct and diverse neighborhoods with programs or projects which help maintain the historic fabric of neighborhoods, thereby preserving the context of properties within those neighborhoods.

Preservation Durham's Old West Durham page

MuniNet Guide & Review's Top Pick for 2001

Each year, MuniNet Guide & Review reflects on the outstanding web sites and features it has encountered over the past twelve months. Durham's own, Old West Durham, was selected as a top pick for the nation for "Citizen Participation" (honorable mention went to the League of Women Voters).

Old West Durham Neighborhood Association Wins State Award for Historic Preservation

OWDNA president John Schelp and webspinner Pam Spaulding attended the luncheon in New Bern for the recipients of the Carraway Award.

Preservation North Carolina bestowed its Carraway Preservation Award to the Old West Durham Neighborhood Association on September 16 in New Bern. The statewide recognition honors "organizations that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to historic preservation."

The Old West Durham Neighborhood Association has tried to weave the importance of its neighborhood history into everything it does, showing the important role that history and historic preservation can play in a neighborhood's identity. Through history, the association has worked to create a sense of belonging to a community that is now on the rise.

The Old West Durham history pages on the web were recently honored as a "Local Legacy" by the Library of Congress. The Historic Preservation Society of Durham has also recognized the OWDNA website with a 2000 Pyne Preservation Award, citing its innovative use of the Internet for telling the history of the neighborhood.

The Association's clean-up of the old Erwin Mills Cemetery earlier this year earned a "Durham Grit Award" from the Herald-Sun newspaper. The association also received the Independent Weekly's Citizen Award for "tireless dedication to making our community a better place to live."

source: Historic Preservation Society of Durham


Historic Preservation Society of Durham Bestows OWD with Pyne Preservation Award

From the HPSD web site (http://rtpnet.org/~hpsd):

Historic neighborhoods have found a new way to stay connected. They are building a new community on the World Wide Web. While many neighborhoods have begun developing their own web sites "to stake their claim" in cyberspace, OWDNA has spearheaded the effort in Durham to use this tool to develop a comprehensive and sophisticated community and in the process developed a new identity.

Under the leadership of neighborhood president John Schelp and developed by webmaster Pam Spaulding, OWDNA went high-tech two years ago and has since served as a catalyst and a model for other local groups. Through this neighborhood's desire to be linked to every related resource around, they inspire or embarrassed other organizations like HPSD to develop or expand their own web pages.

Their site provides connections to local sources such as Durham's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, Animal Control and HPSD; to state points of reference, like the State Historic Preservation Office; and to national links such as the National Trust, the National Register of Historic Places and their many technical resources which are now online.

Not only are web surfers finding their way to www.owdna.org from a myriad of other places, but they often start here to access resources found in the OWDNA links. Besides this spin-off effect, the site primarily isused to get news out quickly and provides valuable information, like announcing neighborhood meetings, events and even yard sales. It is good to see that as new technologies make their way into our lives, the new is being used to remember the old.

Based on its web site, the Old West Durham neighborhood was also recognized as a local legacy by the U.S. Library of Congress on August 8th.

[The Preservation Awards have been given by the Society since it was founded in 1974, and were named in honor of long time Durham preservationists George and Mary Pyne in 1995. ]

OWD Landmarks on National Register of Historic Places

The E.K. Powe house (above), at 1503 West Pettigrew, and the Erwin Mills (Ninth Street, below) are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places. National Register properties are distinguished historic properties worthy of preservation that have been documented to recognize the accomplishments of all peoples who have contributed to the history and heritage of the United States. Much of Old West Durham is a National Register Historic District.


Twelve OWD Properties Receive Pyne Awards for Excellence in Historic Preservation

    The Historic Preservation Society of Durham recognizes historic properties throughout Durham County that have been exceptionally restored, rehabilitated or adapted for new uses. Twelve properties in Old West Durham have been honored with the Pyne Awards for excellence in preserving our built heritage:

    Owens' Broad Street Diner (Broad at West Main)

    This corner, across from the old Blackwell horse race track, has gone through a number of changes. For many years, the area that is now Bull City Market was Erwin Field -- where baseball was the main attraction. An old drive-in restaurant was built on the corner followed, in 1960, by a Phillips 66 gas and service station. Today, this fabulous angular, jetting building with a sleek, chrome trim is a popular neighborhood diner.

    Renaissance Building (Broad at Markham)

    What was once Dennis' Gas Station, the 1925 commercial building is now an eclectic boutique of unique home accessories. The former gas station, University Pharmacy (complete with soda fountain), Ralph Riddick's grocery, and later a music store, still has its high, molded-tin covered ceilings and has been redone into a fanciful, multi-level space -- facing both Broad and Markham.

    Old Adams Street Neighborhood Grocery (Alabama at West Knox)

    The small frame building, erected in 1911 in Old West Durham, was used by the Erlinger family to sell vegetables and soft drinks in the 1960s. Owner James Lehrer has turned it into a private residence, but has left the old sign on the outside. "While chain commercial stores have put mom-and-pop groceries out of business, this has preserved that landmark in that neighborhood," the Historic Society said.

Wellspring Grocery (now Magnolia Grill), 1002 Ninth Street


Erwin Mills No. 1, Ninth Street


Sunnyside, Swift Avenue


E.K. Powe House (Monkeytop), Swift Avenue


Ninth Street Bakery (now Elmo's Diner), 776 Ninth Street

Old Wachovia Bank Building (became one of first Brueggers Bakeries in the country), Ninth Street

St. Francis Animal Hospital, 2727 Hillsborough Road

Trinity Wesleyan Church Building, 805 Hale Street

Old West Durham Neighborhood Association (web site)

In 2001, a special recognition award went to M.M. Fowler, Inc. for changing plans for a BP Gas Station on Broad Street to blend with its neighborhood. With its adaptation of the Neo-Colonial design of the original gas station, a redesigned canopy, and old fashioned street lamps, this modern gas station and convenience store is significantly more appropriate to its location. OWDNA, Watts-Hillandale and Trinity Heights worked closely with the Planning Department to incorporate the historic details leading to this award.